Security protector in hotels, business houses and malls is to create a comfort for the consumer, fulfilling the compact needs of people, starting with monitoring of parking and ending with the opening of safes. In this case, the nr service company who function within their work tasks within their jackets and ties. The customer's bonus is the prep of the security of our employees, as the staff have been trained to solve the special situations of battle, manage the evacuation procedure and supply medical. This along with the regular customer support, which involves organizing the work of things and solving problems.

Security service to get a trading business

The nr service to get a retailer is for several businesses operating within this area. Our experience and skills allow us to make confident that we can provide quality and effective security services at the shape of manned guarding. We've made a motivation system for the employees we cover higher salaries compared to the average security sector, and also we hold every hard work and encourage our clients.

Security security guards from nr service prevent theft, take good care of the customer's property and goods, provide a safe buying environment to the website, and, if necessary, detain the offenders and move them to the authorities.

In addition, our employees make added value with their positive attitude and therefore are always valuable for serving staff and most of clients. For our part, every thing is done in order to address every day problems and complex conditions.

Everything of our employees are well trained in their job and successfully work with all their skills and experience in security. We consider it crucial that no agency's employees are fair, polite, helpful and correct. Security guards are equipped with the essential communicating and equipment.

Security services for industrial, logistics and transport businesses are for businesses operating in the field. We consistently find the best solution for our customers, emphasizing what you need and needs. The main activities in this field are:

Observes video surveillance technology and thing escape windows in and around the object.

Carries out evaluations on the property and fixes the observations in the thing's log book.

Responds to data in the alarm and acts in accordance with the home security system alarm system.

It responds to interference from the ATS and acts based on ATS alarm requirements.

Issues secrets according to the responsible instructions of the object.

We desire all of our customers to feel safe and therefore they can focus only on their core business. Our security employees are understanding and friendly, they can turn to them and they are all set to do it in scenarios.

Security event for events

The security event for events is made for various larger open atmosphere and bigger private events at which the NRservice team uses its skills and experience to give security throughout events. We'll create a well-considered security guard plan and coordinate it together with all parties. We'll perform a lot of work before the event, which makes it clear to all crises. Such an initial work will assist you to make the entire event more intriguing. We listen to all the wishes of the customer and our proposals are made by us based on our experience. Security guards have the proper skills and tools to ensure order and security at the customer function.